Trainer's Host Team Building Activity for Civilian OJT

    Posted: Sat Dec 03, 2016

As part of strengthening the bond among the civilian OJTs, the 228th Transport Crew Training Squadron Commander led by MAJ RONEL SALAS PAF hosted its first ever teambuilding activity on 03 December 2016 at BGBNEAB Gym. The program includes an opening prayer led by TSg Almeñana PAF, the Acting FSgt of 228th TCTS followed by the message of CPT JONELLE BELTRAN PAF. For the game events, 1LT MARK LYSTER PIEDAD PAF and 2LT RALPH NATHANIEL FACTOR PAF discussed the rules on Name the Tool Challenge and the Volleyball event respectively.

This initiative is similarly an offshoot to intensify the Wing's Civil-Military operations efforts while fostering camaraderie among military personnel and civilian OJTs. In fact, the relationship is mutually beneficial. Civilian trainees get to learn their lectures through actual practice while wing's personnel can utilize them as added manpower especially during maintenance inspections. These civilian OJTs are enrolled in the Wing's OJT program and they are exposed to various maintenance activities. The program revolved around the concept of "learning by doing approach".

This activity is also an opportunity to take a break from their tasks in the hangar and respective shops. CPT BELTRAN PAF said in his opening remarks that, "In this, as in so much else, we emphasized the value of team effort notwithstanding the higher level of sportsmanship that must be learned along the way. We just don't agree to the fact that the only measurement of victory is the number of wins for such yardstick is too narrow, so to speak. As a team, we fervently subscribe to this famous cadet's prayer which says that Teach us Oh Lord, to make our play in every game, whether in mere sports or in life's mightier struggles, one where our desire to win is only second to our love of the game itself, where we triumph as considerate victors or lose with grace and determined will to win. As team players, that is how we must...and will always be". He also reminded the OJTs to maximize the program...and even stressed that it is actually learning's missing piece - combining learning and working.

The civilian OJTs were divided into three teams namely Red Bull, Green Eagles, and Black Skull. Each team has loudly recited their own team chant during the introduction. The highlight of the activity is where each team has to go through the three different events such as the volleyball game, Name the tool challenge, and Mannequin challenge. During the "Name the Tool Challenge", three members were selected per team. The challenge is similar to a quizz-bee type competition however it is more of identifying and labeling the tool being shown. Green Eagles emerged as Champion for the Name the Tool challenge category while Black Skull and Red Bull settled for 2nd place and 3rd place respectively.

For the volleyball event, each team consists of six members. However, the composition must vary so that all members can play. After more than three hours of heated spikes and blocking, the Black skull was declared champion while the Red Bull and Green Eagle placed at 2nd and 3rd spot respectively.

Internet sensations are fleeting, to say the least and to be in tune with the latest craze, the activity has its own version of the Mannequin challenge. There the music played and suddenly it stopped - civilian OJTs including 228 personnel stood still and remained motionless for about a minute or so. And the team with the striking pose was the Green Eagle and eventually declared as winner

The activity culminated with the traditional boodlefight wherein everyone gathered around long tables, full of rice and viands (adobo, laing, and pansit) spread over banana leaves and eaten with bare hands.


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