Trainers culminate 2016 with a Forum

    Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2016

Finally, the training forum has pushed through last December 5, 2016 at 228th Transport Crew Training Squadron (TCTS) classroom despite repeated changes in schedules due to the availability of lecturers. MAJ RONEL SALAS PAF, 228th TCTS Commander was in fact very keen and enthusiastic to conduct the forum to comply with the guidance of the Wing Commander, 220th Airlift Wing, BGEN NICOLAS C PARILLA AFP. As quoted from the welcome remarks of MAJ SALAS PAF, he said, "Certainly, this is in compliance with the desire of our Wing Commander to step up our training efforts. Through dialogue and personal assessment, I have identified some challenges in this pursuit. And one of this is to ensure that there is an effective transfer of knowledge from our Instructor Pilots to their student pilots or from our supervisors to their OJT trainees". Accordingly, this forum will now be a quarterly activity similar to the forum conducted by the tactical squadron such as the herky and nomad forum. However, the focus of the training forum will vary covering possible aspects in training improvements.

One of the highlights of the activity were the lectures from Dr Carlyn dela Peña, Education Supervisor of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED-Region VII) and Mr Mateo Alin Jr, Senior Specialist and trainer's methodology 1 facilitator from the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA-Region VII). Prior said lectures, CPT JONELLE BELTRAN PAF, 228th TCTS Training Officer presented the training accomplishments for 2016 and the newly validated training programs for 2017. The presentation also includes training assessment and recommendations and the other training programs conducted by the squadron such as Circuit Training, English Proficiency, Safety mini-lecture tips and among others. CPT BELTRAN PAF said in his presentation that activities that are centered in personnel’s and student’s development were and are continually given emphasis by this Unit. Circuit training aimed for individual’s physical development is conducted every Wednesday while programs that cater to enhance student’s linguistic proficiency -English Enhancement and ADFELPS Listening Activities- are conducted every Friday; Basic Soldiery was also given to ensure our personnel of the proper decorum and right conduct as military personnel. In addition, Safety Tips mini-lecture conducted by the students not only allows them to enhance their teaching skills but also give additional insights on safety practices and policies.

Dr dela Peña, the first lecturer discussed the principles of leadership with emphasis on adult learning, coaching and mentoring. Group work activities were performed to reinforce the value and deeper understanding on the lecture. The first group activity was to make any output from straws and barbecue sticks and the participants was divided into two groups. After approximately ten (10) minutes, the two groups were able to showcase their outputs. Group 1 made a roundel with a base - as explained to symbolize the organization which is the Air Force while Group 2 created an aircraft - to mean that the Air Force exists because of the aircraft, they continued on saying that in order to operate the aircraft, there must be crew resource management. The next group activity was done by partner - one is blindfolded while the other is not. The participants went outside and were grouped into two, the same groupings with the first activity. The mechanics of the activity is for the one without the blindfold to guide his partner in going through the designated route as fast as possible without being hurt. Afterwards, Group 1 was eventually declared winner for logging the fastest time. Dr dela Peña explained that the importance of the activity revolves around the concept of coaching and mentoring.

For the second lecture facilitated by Mr Alin from TESDA, he talked on competency-based teaching as the prevailing trainer's teaching method in TESDA most especially on skills-based training. He also discussed the steps in conducting lecture-type presentations and the importance of hands-on training. He even stressed the percentage losses of learning when methodologies are limited. After the lecture, he chose one group to conduct a demo on lecture-type presentation. He then made critiques afterwards citing the lacking steps and ensuring that before a trainer teach, the participants must be ready to learn.

The other highlight of the activity is the awarding of 'certificates of recognition' to the following outstanding students who completed their respective courses at the top.

AW1C Jobelle T Luces 900701 PAF - C295 Aircraft Maintenance Apprentice Course
Sgt Michael Roch C Aquino 867479 PAF - Aircraft Maintenance Apprentice Course
AW2C Quenny Dedalyn V Sato 910295 PAF - Airlift Aircraft Familiarization Training
TSg Jayson J Soliano 808976 PAF - Aircraft Maintenance Management Course
A1C Antonio B Gagabuan III 893019 PAF - AGE Apprentice Course

Due to prior commitments, the Wing Commander was not able to attend the activity and represented instead by the Deputy Wing Commander, COL STEPHEN P PARREÑO PAF (GSC). In his inspirational message, he quoted a bible verse from Luke 12:18, "To whom much has been given, much will be expected". Further he said that "the passage reminds all the participants in no explicit terms to make use of every lesson learned in anticipation for our future training activities. The discipline which the lessons introduced should not just remain in this classroom but living it every single day, makes the purpose more productive".

He also mentioned that this forum is good start. And to continuously look for ways to further hone each one and always strive to outdo ourselves in our designated roles and responsibilities. He gives emphasis on ensuring that the Wing's personnel must continue to develop their skills and the training programs must be purposive to really meet actual skills requirements.

He ended by recognizing all instructor pilots and supervisor when he said that, "May I also recognize the efforts of our instructor pilots and supervisors in sharing your expertise. I know it really takes a lot of patience to teach but in the end, it really would pay off. I tell you there is nothing more exciting and fulfilling than being able to see your students grow and succeed; and there is nothing more painful than to see them poorly".

The forum ended with a group photo opportunity together with the Guest Lecturers and participants.


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