New Face of 220 Headquarters Unveiled

    Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2016

Last 12 December 2016 in a simple ceremony right after Flag Raising, the new face of the 220th AW headquarters was finally unveiled. No less than the Wing Commander, BGEN NICOLAS C PARILLA AFP led the ceremonial presentation along with the hoisting of unit colors. Retired enlisted personnel were also recognized during the event for their services to the Wing.

The new landmark is not just an added attraction but rich in meaning. BGEN PARILLA AFP even stressed that he had meditated over in a span of one week or so on what could be its best landscape - not only to draw attraction from spectators but also can be a source of pride and inspiration for the personnel. In retrospect, the intent aims to give meaning to each particular detail in the landmark. And this was in fact, explained by the Wing Commander himself.

BGEN PARILLA AFP, as cited in his remarks, said, "As you see, what is in front of you is not just an ordinary attraction but also one with significant meaning. Allow me to tell you what each detail symbolizes. Let us start with the globe: In line with the PAF’s Flight Plan, our Wing is envisioned to be globally competitive by 2028. Next is the Spear, which is categorized into different sizes. This symbolizes the three capabilities of our airlift operations - the smallest of which stands for light lift operations to be performed by our N-22B/C aircraft including the NC212i which will soon be part of our inventory. The medium spear represents the medium lift operations which represent our C295M and F27 aircraft, and lastly, the biggest spear corresponds to heavy lift operations performed by our C-130H/B/T aircraft. Finally, we have the flags which symbolize all subordinate units working as one towards accomplishing the Wing’s mandated mission. As you will notice, the statures of some of the flags are not the same. This signifies the organizational structure of the Wing with respect to the Air Force as a whole wherein the tallest shall be the Air Force flag, followed by the 220 flag then the 470 flag. All other flags are on the same level to show how responsibilities are equally divided among each squadron. But these flags are interconnected, firmly rooted in faith and deeply shared by each one of us".

The design for this project was all conceptualized by the Wing Commander. MAJ SALAZAR PAF , HAS Director has kept a watchful eye till the completion of the project.

Hoisting of Flags

Recognition of retired Enlisted Personnel

Not too long, Base residents will come and see for themselves that indeed this new sight is truly a welcome and beautiful oasis.


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